Retrieval Practice

Een van de beste leermethodes die Tim Surma aanhaalde op het Edunext Leerfestival is ‘Retrieval’. Het ophalen van kennis. En toevallig is dat nu ook een guest post die onlangs verscheen op de Learning Scientists van Tricia Taylor. In de blogpost haalt ze aan wat het belang is van ‘Retrieval practice’ en hoe je het best toepast.

Het hele verhaal is hier te lezen, maar hier zijn al enkele quotes


Retrieval practice (RP) is the act of bringing something to mind that you learned before.


Because retrieving information requires mental effort, we often think we are doing it poorly if we can’t remember something. We may feel like progress is slow, but that’s when our best learning takes place. This is an important point to make when you teach about RP.


Teaching students about the importance of retrieval practice is all about the framing: “I’m teaching you a strategy that is going to save you time.”


When modelling,

  • Wait or think time is essential if you are quizzing students in a whole class situation.
  • Don’t let students ‘look up the answer’ before thinking hard. Otherwise, it’s just like re-reading notes, which isn’t effective.
  • If they get the answer wrong, make sure they learn the right answer. Feedback is very important.
  • Help students keep track of the questions they get wrong—or simply guessed at. (Knowledge organizers can help with this; @MrHistoire offers some advice here.)

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